Prompted: Who or what have you hidden from?

When we are afraid…when we are lost.. when we are hurt… when we feel like we aren’t enough…we often hide from ourselves or others. What or who do you hide from and why?

Sometimes I hide from God.

Usually it is after a failure, a short coming or a complete 180 because I am not perfect. And although I know he does not need me to be, I can’t help but feel conviction.

So, I hide.

Day in and day out, sometimes for months at a time, until He catches up to me.

I hide in the mornings when I’m running late. I run around in circles and forget to say a prayer to thank Him for giving me another day to even decide if I should run or bow down.

I hide on my lunch break in between bites of my sandwich and social media surfing. If I’m distracted, I don’t have to face the fear that I will never have the consistency He deserves.

I hide in moments of frustration so that I will have an excuse to be petty instead of patient. I use the pain as a pretext to retaliate. I use it as the scapegoat to hold a grudge.

I get home and hide from my reflection because I can’t look at all that He made me and handle the idea that I’m not living up to it.

I hide behind accomplishments, hobbies, titles and make check marks in my head as if it adds more or less value to my identity.

I hide behind the people who I love and take in their opinions of me like oxygen.

And then I hide from them because I’m not always who they think I am. I’m not even always who I think I am and that scares me.

In my weakest moments, I hide from God.

I fail then hide. Then when I’ve hidden long enough, I continue to hide because I realize that there was no reason to hide in the first place! I hide because I knew better than to think He wouldn’t love me in spite of me hiding. I understand what Adam and Eve felt because it is a never-ending cycle trying to expose yourself to God then feeling so ashamed that you try to cover up.

Sometimes I hide from God in a garden, behind a tree, covered in fig leaves to distract the world from my vulnerability.

But he knows exactly where I am. He knows exactly where to find me. Hiding.


* Apply it! What or who are you hiding from? Leave a comment below!


“When I first met you, I felt a kind of contradiction in you. You’re seeking something, but at the same time, you are running away for all you’re worth.”

― Haruki Murakami

She was static. A constant push and pull as you leaned in for more. She was the wind that slipped through your fingertips and brushed through your hair. Gentle but elusive. You could not catch her if you tried. She had the habit of being both things at once. She was hot with passion and cold with carelessness. The only thing that she was consistent about was inconsistency. She was left and right but she could never get it right within. She slept but never rested. She was the calm and the storm. She was internally conflicted in her worth today and convinced she was of high value tomorrow. She was today and tomorrow. She lived in the future but could only commit to the moment. She was arrogant yet insecure of what she was capable of. And although they could not hold her, they could smell the uncertainty as she passed them by. She could smell their fear. It was in her essence and essential to her way of life. It was undeniably alluring but down right terrifying because a girl who is good is boring. A girl who is bad is a lot of work. But a girl who is neither and yet both, is one you should watch out for. She was undefined in life and love. She was never satisfied, never certain and never herself or anyone else. She was a flight risk that took off before you gave the signal. She was a gamble that left you broke. She was all or nothing but you could never have all of her. She was the ultimate ultimatum. She was static and they were shocked.



Tumblr Tuesdays: Before WordPress or Evoke Embody Evolve, for me, there was Tumblr. This is where it got real….raw…emotional..brutally honest. For years, I poured my frustrations into a password protected space. Now, each Tuesday, I’ll release an unpublished post just for you. Hear that?… That’s the sound of a classic coming up for air.


“For the girls filled with “too many emotions,” it is not your fault. It is not your fault you easily connect with people. It is not your fault that the world sometimes weighs you down…” Guest blogger, Brianna Graham is all too familiar with feeling it ALL..

Guest Blogger : Brianna Graham





It is a beautiful gift, yet so so exhausting. For the girls filled with “too many emotions”, it is not your fault. It is not your fault you easily connect with people. It is not your fault that the world sometimes weighs down on your shoulders and you feel responsible to carry it. You allow yourself to feel everything. You are forever in touch with your emotions, which sometimes leaves you consumed.

As an Empath, you constantly feel compelled to take on your own burdens and others too. People gravitate towards you for advice and you always have the right words to say. But, you aren’t willing to tell anyone the difficulties of bearing such a gift.

Stress is all to familiar to you. You often feel overwhelmed. You recognize and understand all feelings. You easily express yourself. But, when you are burdened, you keep your problems to yourself. You fear being bothersome. Release any buildup. You are human.

You have the ability to not only see things, but “feel” them. I mean truly feel them. The Earth’s energy and vibration feels differently. You experience it all. It’s no wonder you are drained. It’s no wonder your mind is constantly in a race. You are loving, sweet, kind, and generous. But love, please understand you cannot handle it all.



Take a moment for yourself.

Ignore a few text messages.

Give your mind a break.

You matter MOST.

Empaths are the healers of the world, which is why we deserve the freedom to be free.


Guest Blogger :

Brianna Chara Graham

Brianna is a writer full of life, with so much to say. Writing is her way of releasing emotions and inspiring others. She aspires to become a Journalist and Broadcaster, while traveling the world. Her newest project is her blog 7EVEN|Reign. It encourages happiness, self wellness, and so much more! She includes relatable topics of today’s generation and interviews from successors on the rise.

7EVEN | Reign is waiting for you! Check it out now:

Lean In 

For those late night walks through the neighborhood. For stolen glances and any excuse to ignore the tension in the room. For intimate encounters without sex. For hesitating to say goodbye but needing to. For poetic inspiration. Lean in.

I don’t want to want you.

But I knew the minute I leaned into the kiss that you had started, everything I buried was being dug back up just for you.

I got butterflies in my stomach like you didn’t take my heart and burn it to the ground. Now you’re using that flame to set my soul on fire.

I’m watching my desires devour and destroy me. How nice of you to buy me front row seats to my demise.

Still, I WANTED … to kiss you. Can you believe that? After everything. I spent the whole time thinking I want to kiss those lips. I think you did too.

But, we resist. For a while.

Could you feel the gravitational pull as we started off across the room with comfortable but cautious conversations that always get carried away?

Moths to light. Mouth to mouth.

Do you remember the last time…

..when I decided to move on?

…when you found someone new?

….when we agreed to be friends?

…when I couldn’t commit?

…when you couldn’t stop killing me softly… deeply… slowly…?

Do you?

I do… but your eyes convince me to construct a case of amnesia.

The next thing I know,  I’m pushed up against a wall and my mouth is on yours.

I’m lying on your chest and taking in giant gulps of your cologne.

I feel safe while I suffer in the arms of my serial spring fling.

I am dying at your hands but your lips awaken me.

Kiss me, I think.

But I start for the door.

“This is a mistake,” I say…

Then I lean in for more.


Tumblr Tuesdays: Before WordPress or Evoke Embody Evolve, for me, there was Tumblr. This is where it got real….raw…emotional..brutally honest. For years, I poured my frustrations into a password protected space. Now, each Tuesday, I’ll release an unpublished post just for you. Hear that?… That’s the sound of a classic coming up for air.

9 Great Tips For Building Your Brand

One of the great things about being an artist/writer is being able to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about what they do. In the past few weeks, I’ve collected so many great tips on how to become a better businesswoman! Check out this blog post for major keys to growing your brand!

1. Accept the opportunity to grow.

Fellow creative, don’t tell them that you can’t do something! Avoid complacency and refuse to limit yourself! Just because you’ve never done it before, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You can’t get better if you don’t challenge yourself. Be willing to step outside of the box. Also, if there is something new that you want to learn, offer a discount to get more practice.

2. Know the difference between a business and a hustle.

A hustle keeps money in your pocket. A business keeps money in the bank. If you want to go fast, hustle. If you want to go far, build a business.

3. Change the way you look at your gifts & environment.

You can make money anywhere if you keep your eyes open. You just have to get their attention by catering to the needs of the community around you. What’s not being offered in your area? Is there anything you could do differently? You have to open up your mind to different avenues within your craft as well. Add to your skill set and hunt the opportunities down.

4. There is no better person to invest in than yourself.

This is self-explanatory. In order to make money, you have to spend money. This could mean paying for equipment to get started, giving something away for free, advertising costs etc… Investing can get a little pricey but it will pay off in the long run!

5. Set your price and stand firm in it.

If you have something you want to sell, don’t spend another day without having a set price for it. Find out the true cost and time that it takes to make your product. Otherwise, you’re more likely to basically give something away instead of making a profit because you didn’t factor in cost and labor. This will also eliminate any inconsistencies when giving quotes to potential customers.

6. Know your worth and then add tax.

There is a saying that goes: “Until you understand the true value of something, you’ll always get talked down on its price.” A great way to grasp this concept is to research what other people charge for something you can do. Repeat this step until it sinks in that your work is of great value.

7. There can never be too many.

There will be plenty of people who can do what you do but the truth is, they can’t book them all. You’ll always be able to find work for two reasons: You’ll only get better at what you do and there will be times when you’re available and someone else is not. You don’t have to necessarily compete. Just perfect what you do and advertise your availability.

8. Closed mouths wont get fed.

There are going to be times when you have to put yourself out there *ques anxiety*. Networking can be nerve-racking but in order to make money, you have to talk to people. You can’t be afraid to ask questions to get better at something. You have to be willing to work with others and promote them as well. People won’t know what you offer unless you tell them. (By the way, always be ready to give an elevator pitch.) You want more visibility? Opportunities? Business? You have not because you ask not. Go get it.

9. Check your image!

Know that when you attempt to build anything, the very foundation of your brand will be your reputation. You could have quality products and exceptional service, but if you don’t present yourself professionally to others, no one will buy what you’re selling. You are a reflection of the business you do. With that being said, social media presence is one of the leading ways people gauge who you are as a person. Review your profiles and make sure that what you say is in line with that you sell. Otherwise, hang it up.

Keep these tips in mind as you venture out to make a name for yourself. Feel free to add anything you have learned along the way in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you think!

Keep Evolving,



What Falling Feels Like

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact moment when you lose control. You don’t see it when it’s coming and it hurts to watch it go. But you can feel it…

It always happens this way…

It starts off with a spark; an inkling of an idea and it builds momentum. I can feel it, day in and day out, getting stronger and stronger. I weaken to the idea of it until it controls me. Until it functions on its own without my approval. Until I can’t think straight anymore and it begins to fill the cracks and crevices of my being. Until it begins to not only go to bed with me, but also awake me in the morning. Until it becomes the thing that gets me out of bed and going.

Then every other minute, a thought is centered around it. Every conversation leads back to it. The fascination is frightening and the infatuation tears into my flesh. So, I can’t think straight. I can’t get my words out. I can’t NOT check for you or wait for you or want you. It wakes me up and gets me going until I crash into a ocean of unrequited love that was never promised, only fantasized about.

Until I’m drowning in it and my temple is pounding, mind racing, begging me to “BREATHE and think of a way out of this.” To survive this attack of my livelihood. Until i’m choking on the words, “STAY AWAY NEXT TIME!”

So, don’t you dare let that spark set your soul on fire.

Not again.



Tumblr Tuesdays: Before  Wordpress or Evoke Embody Evolve, for me, there was Tumblr. This is where it got real….raw…emotional..brutally honest. For years, I poured my frustrations into a password protected space. Now, each Tuesday, I’ll release an unpublished post just for you. Hear that?… That’s the sound of a classic coming up for air.

8 Things You Need To Hear After Graduation

I was standing on the edge of adulthood and the possibilities were endless. I had the freedom to be whatever and whoever I wanted to be. I had earned the right to leap, run, walk or crawl but it was one of the toughest seasons I faced. Here’s what I wish I knew then…

1. You don’t have to know right now

I’m serious! It feels like the entire world is dying to know what’s next for you! “What jobs do you have lined up?” “What grad schools did you apply to?” “What are your plans?” Ugh! It can be so nerve-racking! They want something that you can’t give them right now. I want you to know that you don’t HAVE to have all of the answers! They don’t. They may have an idea but the truth is, no one knows what God has planned. Yet we spend so much time trying to live in the future that we can’t even be proud of today. Relax! It’s okay not to know. We’re all stumbling around trying to figure it out.

2. Rejection is a redirection

So, you’ve applied for quite a few positions that you thought you really wanted? Maybe you applied to a few back ups just in case your initial plan fell through. However, it didn’t make much of a difference because they all said “No.” Ouch! You know you’re more than qualified! Maybe you were an honor student. Maybe you’ve accumulated an excessive amount of internship hours. Maybe you’ve got connections in every zip code. For God’s sake, the job posting only called for a high school diploma to begin with! So why did you receive that “Thanks for applying but we regret to inform you…” email? I’ll tell you: Yes, your degree has value. Yes, networking can be quite useful. Yes, having field experience is a plus! It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough or that you didn’t do enough. It doesn’t mean that you chose the wrong major. Here’s what I found out the hard way: Sometimes it’s not about what you know or who you know; it’s about what God has for you. The worst thing that God can do is give you what you desperately think you want. The rejections could be pouring in right now, but pick yourself up, brush yourself off and know that it’s all apart of a bigger plan. Be patient.

3. Don’t force it

Don’t try to talk yourself into something that you aren’t passionate about. I know it’s scary not knowing what’s next and I’ve heard the saying “If the door doesn’t open, it’s not your door” but you don’t have to take any and every opportunity presented to you either. Be picky with where you invest your time and energy. I know that it can be hard to stay true to yourself but don’t jump into something just to say you’re doing something. It may sound like a no brainer to start a grad program in the fall to hold off on making payments on your student loans. I mean at least you’ll be working towards something, right? But, you know what you’ll find at the end of that graduate program? The same situation that you put off. You’ll still have to face some rejection. You still have to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. You may still feel lost. I’m not trying to change your mind about furthering your education. You can never be overeducated (or overdressed.) However, I am telling you to make sure that your decision isn’t just a last resort. The same goes for jobs that will be presented to you. Every time I got rejected, I would find another position that had nothing to do with my interests or the position I had previously applied for and go through this process of trying to convince myself that this one was “the one.” I talked a little about this struggle here.  I applied to be a claims adjuster, software trainer, cellphone retail sales specialist, bank teller, management trainee… and the list goes on. What did all of these jobs have in common? Nothing. I just wanted something to show for my degree. I thought that something was better than nothing. I was absolutely, positively WRONG. If you’ve found an open door, I’m not trying to convince you to turn it down. I’m just telling you to consider what you want and what they have to offer you. Consider who you are and use Glass Door to see what others have to say about the company culture. Consider the position and whether there is room for growth. Otherwise, consider yourself a sell out because if you take just any door, the longer you stay, the harder it will be to walk through it.

4. You’re right on time

The absolute worst thing that you can do in this moment is compare yourself to others. When you hear about the luck your friends are having, the places they are moving to, and how they seem to be finding themselves, be happy for them.  Everyone is on a different schedule. It doesn’t matter if it took you 4 years or 7, if you graduated with a 2.5 or 4.0 or if you have 10 job offers or none. You’re doing just fine, kid. Just like a seed being planted, you can’t always see the progress, but the product will be beautiful. You’ll never be late to the party because you can’t rush greatness.

5. Money isn’t everything

If you have to choose between your passion and more money, please choose what you love. Your bank account can be full and your spirit be empty and it will show in the work you do. Don’t burn yourself out for a buck. Trust me, I get it! You’re a poor graduate with a stack of student loans and bills that have to get paid. But, life is also about more than just surviving. If you can’t do something that makes you happy now, just make sure you find time to do the things that make you feel alive.

6. They’re still proud of you

When you are at your lowest, remember all of those smiling faces that cheered you on as you graced the stage with your presence. They love you and want the best for you. But sometimes, you can put a lot of pressure on yourself to keep everyone else happy. They have expectations that you’re afraid you won’t be able to meet. Maybe they have expectations you have no interest in meeting at all. And if you don’t, it can feel like you’re failing them. You’re not. You’ve already committed to something huge and saw it through! It’s time to live for you. There may come a time when you realize that what they want for you isn’t what you want for yourself. In those moments, you’ll have to be your own advocate and it probably won’t be an easy thing to do! Maybe you want to be an artist but they want you to be an engineer. Maybe you want to be a social worker but they’ve always pushed for you to be a politician. Maybe you want to write…. I say do it. Don’t let other people project their lives and dreams onto you. Be brave, be bold, be honest with yourself but, above all else, be ready for the criticism and doubt that is to come because nothing you want badly will come easy. You will have to fight for those dreams. And don’t worry, even if it’s not what they want for you, they’ll continue to be proud of you (even if it’s in secret) because they’ll know, deep down, that they taught you to stand up for what you believe in. The time is now. You are responsible for the life you want. Go after it.

 7. This isn’t the end

This is where the plot gets interesting! You are standing on the edge of  adulthood and the possibilities are endless. You have the freedom to be whatever and whoever you want to be. You have the right to leap, run, walk or crawl but whatever you do… don’t stop! You’ve got work to do, a life to live and for the first time ever, you call the shots!

8. Don’t forget to breathe

You only graduate from undergrad once! This chapter came with a whirlwind of emotions. You’re in disbelief that you made it, sad about leaving your friends, excited about your next adventure, afraid of what’s to come… But just for one moment, do yourself a favor and BREATHE. Take a day off to take it all in. “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” – Matthew 6:34. This moment belongs to you and only you. You earned it.

So, once you walk across that stage, know that the work has just begun and that you are walking onto a battlefield for those dreams of yours. If you put them off, they will let you. If you slow up, they will let you. If you give up, they will let you. No one is more accountable than you. You are responsible for your own happiness, your own potential, your own life. Congratulations! You deserve the world! But first, you have to believe that you can conquer it! 


5 Signs That You’re Kinda Sorta Becoming An Adult

If you’re happy and adulting, clap your hands! ……….*crickets*

Where has the time gone? Just yesterday you were deciding what color to choose for your extra long twin bed in your dorm room and now…… You have to compile pros and cons for rent vs. a mortgage. Decisions, decisions. Why couldn’t we stay 21…forever.

1. Wardrobe Transformation

You constantly feel like you have nothing to wear because you’ve traded in those crop tops and boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 for pencil skirts and button ups from NY&C. Sure, you still own a sexy pair of stilettos and a fierce “little black dress” but 5 days out of the week, you’re bold, beautiful and business casual.  These days, you’re either dressed for work or home. There’s hardly any “in between” anymore.

 2. Conversation Shifts 

Your conversations with your gal pals used to be about the latest gossip, boy toys and the latest episode from the Thursday night line up! But more and more, your conversations are about politics, religion, credit scores, mortgages vs. renting, the economy..blah, blah, blah.. And you actually have something intelligent to add to the conversation! The teenage version of you would fall asleep mid-sentence if they could hear all of your adulting mumbo jumbo.

3. Priorities

You used to see cute couples and make hashtags in your head like #foreveralone or #relationshipgoalsaf but it doesn’t bother you anymore. Don’t get me wrong, you still think the memes are painfully adorable but you also know that everything isn’t what it seems. You’re much more fixated on what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life vs. who you’ll be with. You did away with the mental hashtags so that you could have more space to map out how to get from A-Z by 40. You finally have your eyes set on a different prize.

4. Speaking of Relationship Goals…

You don’t want the same things anymore. Your preferences have changed completely. You want substance. You want more quality in your time. You don’t want the “Netflix ‘n chill” or “So, what are we?” situationships. You don’t want late night “You up?” texts or casual sex.  You want lunch dates, conversations about God, life and the purpose of it all. You want to share dreams, goals, and parts of yourself and you’ve accepted that you can’t just do that with anyone. You don’t want matching outfits and couple photo shoots. You wan’t genuine compatibility and you would rather wait than settle for anything else. You’re beginning to truly know what you want and it’s beautiful.

5. Lights Out

In college, there was no such thing as a school night. Any given night could turn into an early morning and you were always up for an adventure! After all, how else would you collect so many interesting stories, right? It was always “going up on a Tuesday”, “Thirsty Thursdays” became a tradition and bar hopping always seemed like a good idea. Grabbing the All-star Breakfast from Waffle House afterwards sounded even better. All you had to do was make it to class the next morning… or not. But now, you need at least a 2 week notice for outings. You get to bed by 11 (and that’s pushing it) and head to that 9-5 like clockwork. If you DO happen to have a late night out on the town, you’re somewhere in the corner, yawning and looking at the time. You’ll need AT LEAST two cups of coffee the next day and don’t even get me started on the time it takes you to recover. Whew! This adulting stuff calls for constant R&R!

So, congratulations! You are officially adulting! Welcome to the real world! *cries in grown up*


The Top 5 Things My Teachers Told Me…

Here’s to the teachers who double as motivational speakers and therapists; who teach you about people and purpose; who push you to be better but not to be someone else; who have experience in both their professions and in life. You are well respected and greatly appreciated.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten didn’t come from a guidance counselor. I didn’t read it on a billboard or an advice column. I didn’t hear it from a friend or a talk show host. The best advice that I’ve ever gotten came from an underpaid teacher who spent countless hours making lesson plans, creating Powerpoints and grading papers. They taught me y=mx+b, the cruelties of the Holocaust and Newton’s Law of Gravity, all of which were useful to know. Still, their most valuable lessons didn’t come from a Calculus textbook or a Chemistry study guide. On the contrary, it was the wisdom that they poured into their students about life that stood the test of time. I carry these lessons wherever I go. Today, I pass them on to you.

1. On people….

“Statistically speaking, the best way to predict what someone is going to do isn’t by what they say. It’s by what they’ve already done.”  – J. Eastman, Sociology 101

He wasn’t saying that people couldn’t change. He was, however, being realistic about human nature and applying what he knew to be true about people. As a freshman in college with insurmountable expectations for everything and everyone, it was exactly what I needed to hear. Every time I applied it, I was a little less disappointed.

2. On life…

“You play with time and then time plays with you.” S. Nair, Prob and Stats

In a basic math class, full of high school seniors who had no idea what was ahead of them, Mr. Nair told us that we had no time to waste. I was 17 years old and my biggest concerns were prom, the senior trip and graduation. I looked away for a second and now I’m an adult with an extensive to-do list, a tight budget and an alarmingly high amount of anxiety and still… no time to waste.

3. On relationships…

“What you see is as good as it gets.” – K. Brinkley, Algebra

Known for her exceptional teaching and witty comebacks, she kept us all on our toes. On one occasion, she told us that she had been married before and that it didn’t work out because she never changed. Whenever I think about someone’s potential, I try to assess whether or not I would be okay if that was all it ever was… Could I marry potential? Would I be okay if I couldn’t change them? Would I be able to accept them? It made me examine the relationship that I was in at the time… I thought it would last forever but it was toxic and, as she said, was as good as it was going to get.

4. On work ethic…

“Excuses only satisfy those who make them.” – R. Pinnex, Global Studies

Ahhh, the world history teacher with a “no-nonsense” policy and a low tolerance for slackers. Your best was not HER best for you. She wanted more. There was only one way to do everything: her way. “If you don’t have time to do it right, you have time to do it over” she would say. She deemed me “Ms. Sassy Pants” because I challenged those rules. Today, I am thankful that she had so many. She taught me that excuses were useless to others and myself because they enabled me to be average. She held us all to a higher standard with the hopes that we would exceed it.

5. On finding yourself…

“Finding your calling is like your parents forgetting to tell you your name on the day you were born. You spend years trying out different names, hoping to find one that fits. Then one day, in a crowded room, someone whispers your name and it finally makes sense.”   Dr. W. Fondren, Communication and Technology

Listen, everything this guy said was pure GOLD! For this particular class, he based an entire course around 7 key concepts and taught them using tv shows, movies and his own personal anecdotes. On the first day of class, he told us that he never planned to teach. He got married young, decided to get a degree in Psychology, worked as the Director of Technology for a newspaper company, became an ordained minister and then fell into teaching and loved it. What did I learn from all of this? It was okay to not have all of the answers. It was okay to keep trying on shoes until they fit. I was a graduating senior, nervous about the future and at that time in my life, what he said was exactly what I needed to hear. Besides finding ourselves, he taught us the importance of knowing when to start over and admitting when there were “too many feathers on your back.” I was in no way, shape or form, a morning person but in that class, I kept my notebook, eyes and ears open.

Here’s to the teachers who double as motivational speakers and therapists; who teach you about people and about purpose; who push you to be more but not to be someone else; who have experience in both their professions and in life. You are well respected and greatly appreciated.

Future Educators,

The impact that you can make on the next generation is endless. Every word that you speak will have the power to change a life. I am a writer because a teacher told me that I had a gift. Whatever you pour into them, they will put out into the world. Knowledge is power but your wisdom is timeless. So go forth, be great and share it.

With all my love and appreciation,


“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
–Henry Brooks Adams


The regret that came with taking a job that I wasn’t passionate about caught up with me. I thought that “making it” meant button ups and business cards. I found out, however, that the salary could not sustain the artist that lives in me.

I feel like I sold my soul for a seat at a table with people who don’t value my opinions or passions anyway.

I auctioned off my creative mind for a 9-5 because I thought success meant having an office.

They gave me a salary in exchange for the time that I’ve wasted trying to convince myself that I could be happy doing this forever.

They dangled business cards before my eyes so that I would feed into the lie that people knowing my name could be more fulfilling than knowing myself.

They gave me my personal extension hoping that I wouldn’t take any wake up calls. Took down my direct deposit information to send me the same amount every month but what I desperately needed was a reality check.

I sat in HR discussing benefits while burying the parts of me that make me feel alive. I had a funeral on the same day that I set up retirement.

You look so good in your business attire but you have no business being here when there is a fire inside of you.

Creative minds, beware of what it will really cost you to get paid at a job that you prayed for because you were too afraid that your real ambitions would fail.

Beware of the discomfort you will feel in the shoes that were easy to put on but made for someone else’s feet. You will have to shrink yourself to fill them.

The worst parts of your day will be when they point out your gifts but won’t value them. You will resent them for the box that you put yourself in.

Your purpose will shine through in the mediocrities of the job and their compliments will cut like insults because it insinuates your true potential.

You’ll take the title attached to the name attached to the face that you won’t be able to pick out in a line up.

Line up! Next to all of the lost, creative souls who did a disservice to themselves. Is it a homicide or a suicide to kill your dreams with doubt?

You’re successful but a monster for watching yourself suffer.. for a seat at a table with people who don’t know you or value you because you placed more value on your desired pay than your inner most desires.

“Congratulations! We are excited to offer you a position with our company” accompanied with the regret you will feel when you realize that you can still hit rock bottom.. at the top.