Lean In 

For those late night walks through the neighborhood. For stolen glances and any excuse to ignore the tension in the room. For intimate encounters without sex. For hesitating to say goodbye but needing to. For poetic inspiration. Lean in.

9 Great Tips For Building Your Brand

One of the great things about being an artist/writer is being able to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about what they do. In the past few weeks, I've collected so many great tips on how to become a better businesswoman! Check out this blog post for major keys to growing your brand!

8 Things You Need To Hear After Graduation

I was standing on the edge of adulthood and the possibilities were endless. I had the freedom to be whatever and whoever I wanted to be. I had earned the right to leap, run, walk or crawl but it was one of the toughest seasons I faced. Here's what I wish I knew then...

The Top 5 Things My Teachers Told Me…

Here's to the teachers who double as motivational speakers and therapists; who teach you about people and purpose; who push you to be better but not to be someone else; who have experience in both their professions and in life. You are well respected and greatly appreciated.


The regret that came with taking a job that I wasn't passionate about caught up with me. I thought that "making it" meant button ups and business cards. I found out, however, that the salary could not sustain the artist that lives in me.

When Your Sunken Place is a Person… GET OUT!

With the snap of a finger, do you sink into a place that is unfamiliar, unforgiving, unreachable from the outside, and un...healthy? I've got news for you: Your "Sunken Place" could be a person. If you can relate to any of these 5 signs, GET OUT.