2017 is not MY year

This is everyone else’s year. This is the year that I go beyond my own needs and use the gifts that God gave me to help others. This is a year of action and selflessness but above all else, I pray that this is the year that I die. Not physically, but mentally. I pray that the parts of me that hold me back from being the woman that God called me to be will be laid to rest. I’m expecting this to be painful, tedious and frustrating. It will hurt to uncover and dig out the wickedness. It will take time to transform. It will be frustrating when I fail but I know all of this will be a part of the process. And I am confident that in due time, it will get easier and I will see change.

2017 is also not my YEAR because I recognize that a year is not enough time to accomplish everything that I would like to. I recognize that my effort should go beyond this. The goals that I begin this year are long term. I watched a sermon recently that gave tips on “working your window”. The key to change is claiming the victory before you can see it, focusing in on one or two realistic goals at a time, and not stopping short.

So without further ado, here are my goals:

  1. Volunteer at least twice a month.
  2. Find a local church home.
  3. Be more consistent in tithing, prayer and time with God.
  4. Grow as a writer, artist and blogger.


Keep Evolving,



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