Message to the singles:

If you woke up to a lengthy text from your significant other, professing their overwhelming love and appreciation for you, how cute! But, this post isn’t for you. If any edible arrangements, bouquets of roses or chocolates made it to your desk or front door, how very thoughtful! But, this post isn’t for you.  If you were wined and dined last night or got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m happy for you! However, this post isn’t for you.

But if you didn’t receive that reminder of how much you are loved, that life-size teddy bear or the predictable rose petals leading to a surprise.. This message is for you.

Dear Single & Aware,

You are adequately loved! I know this because the greatest love story has already happened and you were a part of it!  Jesus died to love you. Understand that God’s love for you is unmatched and unwavering. If you felt extra lonely on Valentine’s day, it was an illusion and a spiritual attack. God would never leave or forsake you!  You are never alone.

Don’t feed into the expectations that society has placed on relationships. If you’re single right now, it’s not a coincidence or a mistake. You were meant to endure this season of singleness so that you could pursue His perfect heart and grow as the man/woman that God has called you to be. Don’t look at singleness as loneliness or feel like you’re just “waiting for the one.” Movies, TV shows and books offer entertaining stories but these things can cripple the perspective that we have on relationships. The media can reinforce this idea that your life doesn’t begin until you’ve met the person that you want to spend it with. This just isn’t true! LIVE in this very moment. Go places! Do things! Find God and yourself! This isn’t a passive waiting game. You are actively being tested and prepared!

You’re not single because you’re a bad texter, you’re annoying or you can’t get over your ex. You’re not single because “all of the good men/women are taken” or because “this generation doesn’t take relationships seriously.” Those reasons just don’t suffice when our God is so great. He takes His relationship with you very seriously! You are single because you are supposed to be in this moment. Trust His timing and plan for your life.

So, if you woke up on Valentine’s day to the flood of couples’ posts on your Instagram, witnessed a proposal or felt extra lonely that night because all of your friends had other plans, that’s okay. Be happy for them. But, also be happy for yourself and the time that God has given you as well. It truly is a gift.

I’ve heard many people refer to the day as “Singles’ Awareness Day.” If anything, make sure you’re aware of God’s love for you. Just relax! You aren’t ready until He says you’re ready. Until then, take comfort in the fact that you can’t ruin what you haven’t had yet.

Keep evolving,


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