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If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I truly appreciate you for taking the time out to visit and support. It means the world!

For the past few months, I’ve been brainstorming, building, breaking down and rebuilding my very first blog for the public. Today is the official launch day and I am ecstatic to share it with all of you!

A little background:

I believe that I was born to write.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always been intrigued by words. From the moment that I could make sense of them on a page, the obsession raged on incessantly.

As a child, I would immerse myself into books I was barely big enough to carry. I would get attached to fictitious characters and linger on complex ways to reinvent a simple sentence.

I can attribute this interest to two factors. The first is the bookcase, twice my size, that my mother provided. The second was the first journal that my grandfather bought for me at a book fair.

Over the years, I evolved as a writer. I went from beginning every entry with “dear diary” and poetry that had to rhyme to free form writing and blogging. It took me years to realize that the rules that I set in my head for writing ultimately held me back as a writer. Once I figured this out, I was free.

I started my first blog, “It Just Got Real”, in 2011. I wanted a place where I truly could say whatever I wanted. It was password protected and allowed me to vent without judgement. There, I released it all. It was therapy. Around the same time, I created a blog on the same account that was public. It touched on the lighter side of things.

When I created these blogs, I was only interested in writing for myself. But with Evoke Embody Evolve, the goal is to write for the world. I want to document my struggles and growth to encourage others in their walk with Christ. I chose the three words evoke, embody and evolve because this is what I want to give to others.  I want to awaken their conscious mind and change the way that they think. I want to bring emotion to life through the use of poetry and art while also encouraging others to use the gifts that God placed inside of them. Finally, I want to promote a positive transformation because goal is always, always, always to grow.

All roads have always led me back to words; both spoken and written. Essentially, I majored in words. So, I pray that someday these words make a major difference.

Again, I appreciate all of the positive affirmations and hope that you enjoy what is to come. Please take the time to subscribe if you like what you see! I also encourage you to interact and answer the writing prompts that I will provide each week.

With love,


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