Prompted: What do you need right now?

The purpose of “Prompted” is to provide an outlet for myself and others to reflect on past experiences, personal goals and innermost desires. It is my hope that this exercise will encourage unconventional thinking and self awareness. Each week, I will provide a new prompt and post my response on the blog. Readers can comment with their responses on this post and read what others said here –> Prompted!

What do you need?

My Response:

What I need isn’t a thing, it’s a feeling. I spend a great deal of my time wishing that I could go where I want, say what I want and do what I love. I always long for more time because there is never enough of it in day. I constantly feel weighed down by my own thoughts, insecurities and need to please others. I never feel like I have enough money. I feel held back by my own fears of stepping out. My anger and frustration controls me. My past plagues me. I have habits and patterns that I want to change but they persist. I know that all of these things have to do with perception and my state of mind. So, what I need is a different mindset.

When I saw this prompt, I thought I was going to write about being free. I have a habit of seeing doors marked exit as safe havens. I kid you not, up until this very second, that was my response. But actually, I can be as free as I want and still be a prisoner to negative thinking. What I need is a better outlook, a renewed state of mind, to see the bright side of darkness, to count my blessings. I need to be content wherever I am with whatever I have. I’m not always very optimistic. So, I guess I need to be able to see that what I need in this very moment, God has already supplied or will in the future.

Keep Evolving,


Apply it! What do you need right now? Leave a comment!

Check out what others said here! —> Prompted


6 Replies to “Prompted: What do you need right now?”

  1. I need new surroundings. I need to be surrounded by like minds with similar goals and asprirations. I feel as though I need to be somewhere that forces me to step out of my comfort zone in many aspects in order to grow and really reach my full potential.

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    1. All of this! Sometimes I just feel so stunted! So misunderstood! And the solution I come up with in my head is always the same: I need NEW. Complacency can be a dream killer. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is so very necessary! Bad company can be an even bigger one. You need people who push you and challenge you. If you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Let’s level up 😈


  2. What I need right now is an escape. A temporary escape from the burden of adulthood. A week where I don’t have to worry about getting my son ready for daycare, or being on time for work, or a bill that’s due. I need a time machine to transport me back to senior year of high school.

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