Prompted: Write a short thank you note to someone…

This thank you note is for the kind strangers (and Charlotte, my grandmother’s best friend) who made my very first flight a piece of cake.


Thank you for helping me find the airline check-in station and the baggage check line. Also, for taking this lovely photo of me in the airport:



To the stranger who whispered “Put your bags here” and “You’re going to have to take your shoes off” before I got to the front of the line:

Thank you! Because of you, the people behind me weren’t held up. I appreciate the help.

To the really down-to-earth girl who started a conversation with me while I waited for my plane to arrive:

I’m sorry your flight left two hours before you got there! I hope that you made it to Newark safely and that your pregnant friend didn’t mind the wait! Thank you for the conversation, watching my suitcase while I went to the ladies room, but most importantly, for the chewing gum so that when my ears popped, I would “still hear it, but it wouldn’t hurt as much.”

To the lady that helped me quickly put my luggage tag on as we were lining up to board the plane:

Thank you! Again, I almost held the line up but you saved me.

To my plane buddy:

Thank you for noticing my introverted nature and respecting it. You gave just the right amount of space and conversation. Also, thank you for eventually giving me the seat to myself and moving closer to your nephew.

Your random acts of kindness may seem small but they were big for me because of all of the anxiety I’ve had recently. Although I was very apprehensive about strangers and taking my first flight alone, with the help of all of you, it was really enjoyable. For my next flight, I’ll be sure to extend a confused stranger the same courtesy that I was fortunate enough to receive from all of you.

With Sincere Gratitude,



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