5 Signs That You’re Kinda Sorta Becoming An Adult

1. Wardrobe Transformation

You constantly feel like you have nothing to wear because you’ve traded in those crop tops and boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 for pencil skirts and button ups from NY&C. Sure, you still own a sexy pair of stilettos and a fierce “little black dress” but 5 days out of the week, you’re bold, beautiful and business casual.  These days, you’re either dressed for work or home. There’s hardly any “in between” anymore.

 2. Conversation Shifts 

Your conversations with your gal pals used to be about the latest gossip, boy toys and the latest episode from the Thursday night line up! But more and more, your conversations are about politics, religion, credit scores, mortgages vs. renting, the economy..blah, blah, blah.. And you actually have something intelligent to add to the conversation! The teenage version of you would fall asleep mid-sentence if they could hear all of your adulting mumbo jumbo.

3. Priorities

You used to see cute couples and make hashtags in your head like #foreveralone or #relationshipgoalsaf but it doesn’t bother you anymore. Don’t get me wrong, you still think the memes are painfully adorable but you also know that everything isn’t what it seems. You’re much more fixated on what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life vs. who you’ll be with. You did away with the mental hashtags so that you could have more space to map out how to get from A-Z by 40. You finally have your eyes set on a different prize.

4. Speaking of Relationship Goals…

You don’t want the same things anymore. Your preferences have changed completely. You want substance. You want more quality in your time. You don’t want the “Netflix ‘n chill” or “So, what are we?” situationships. You don’t want late night “You up?” texts or casual sex.  You want lunch dates, conversations about God, life and the purpose of it all. You want to share dreams, goals, and parts of yourself and you’ve accepted that you can’t just do that with anyone. You don’t want matching outfits and couple photo shoots. You wan’t genuine compatibility and you would rather wait than settle for anything else. You’re beginning to truly know what you want and it’s beautiful.

5. Lights Out

In college, there was no such thing as a school night. Any given night could turn into an early morning and you were always up for an adventure! After all, how else would you collect so many interesting stories, right? It was always “going up on a Tuesday”, “Thirsty Thursdays” became a tradition and bar hopping always seemed like a good idea. Grabbing the All-star Breakfast from Waffle House afterwards sounded even better. All you had to do was make it to class the next morning… or not. But now, you need at least a 2 week notice for outings. You get to bed by 11 (and that’s pushing it) and head to that 9-5 like clockwork. If you DO happen to have a late night out on the town, you’re somewhere in the corner, yawning and looking at the time. You’ll need AT LEAST two cups of coffee the next day and don’t even get me started on the time it takes you to recover. Whew! This adulting stuff calls for constant R&R!

So, congratulations! You are officially adulting! Welcome to the real world! *cries in grown up*


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