“Provoking Thought. Presenting Art. Promoting Growth”

“Evoke Embody Evolve is a creative space that was designed to encourage expression, self-awareness and personal growth.”


Evoke Embody Evolve officially launched on March 1, 2017!  Prior to the launch, I was running three separate blogs: Love’s Hangover,  The Heavenly Pursuit and It Just Got Real. Each blog had a different focus but a common goal: Release. After years of blogging this way, I decided it was time to combine the three and create a platform that I could share with the public. Thus, Evoke Embody Evolve was born.

On this blog, you’ll find creative writing prompts, original poetry,  art, photography and blog posts on a array of topics. You’ll also find monthly features of up and coming artists because I have deemed 2017 as the year that I focus on others. I am so excited to showcase their respective crafts and passions!

Most importantly, you’ll see a recurring Christian theme throughout because I know that I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me, but without Him, nothing I do will last. It is my hope that this blog will encourage others in their walks and inspire them to use their gifts to glorify Him.

EVOKE-  verb. to bring or recall to the conscious mind. Synonyms: awaken, elicit, induce, arouse, stimulate

EMBODY- verb. to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to. Synonyms: personify, manifest, encompass

EVOLVE– verb. to develop gradually from a simple to complex form. Synonyms: mature, alter, transform

I envision Evoke Embody Evolve being a home for unconventional thinking, creativity , vulnerability and the exchange of ideas. I promise to be 100% transparent because I believe that exposure is essential to healing and growth. Still, I know that being honest and open is not always easy, so you always have the option to comment anonymously!



Hi, I’m Alexus, creator of Evoke Embody Evolve! I was born and raised in South Carolina; I have the accent to prove it! I am many things to many people, but my favorite role is big sister ♥  Everything I am and everything I strive to be is influenced by the two leading ladies in my life: my mother and grandmother! Family is everything.

 I am the daughter of a King, who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His. I am actively trying to embrace the purpose he put in me while also trying to fill the gap between who I am and who he has called me to be.

I am 3 years a NATURALISTA who is unapologetically confident in my curly fro. I’m a picky eater who takes awkward selfies and has a silly demonstration to go with every joke. I love cardigans, leggings and boyfriend jeans. I’m a May 2016 graduate of Coastal Carolina University (Go Chants!!) My biggest fear is failure. Second biggest: Birds. By the time I learn a dance, it is usually 3-5 years old. You can count on me to have a witty comeback. Oh and sleep > breakfast.

With Love,